IDTA SYLLABUS & Accreditation

The International Dance Teachers’ Association (IDTA) is a globally recognised dance examination board that provides a comprehensive and structured dance syllabus. The IDTA dance syllabus covers various dance genres, including ballet, tap, modern jazz, contemporary jazz, acrobatics, ballroom, and Latin American dances. Here are some key aspects of the IDTA dance syllabus:

Dance Genres

    • Ballet: The IDTA ballet syllabus encompasses classical ballet techniques, focusing on positions, movements, and artistic expression.
    • Tap: The tap syllabus includes rhythmic footwork, coordination, and musicality, with graded levels to suit different skill levels.
    • Contemporary Jazz: Contemporary dance incorporates elements of Modern Dance, Ballet, Jazz, and Lyrical, as well as various other dance styles. The primary goal of Contemporary Dance is to communicate and express by manipulating the body, time, rhythm, space, gravity, breath, and energy.
    • Acrobatics: Acrobatics is the art of mastering, flexibility along with strength to show elegance and grace in all movements. The style encompasses a variety of complex movements with extreme flexibility to show off the skills of the human body.

Graded and Vocational Examinations

The IDTA offers graded examinations for students of all levels, from beginners to advanced. These exams assess technical skills, musicality, and performance abilities. Vocational examinations are available for those pursuing a more professional dance career. These exams focus on advanced techniques and performance skills.

Professional Teacher Training

The IDTA also provides comprehensive teacher training programs, allowing dance educators to gain qualifications and certifications in various dance genres.

Performance Opportunities

Students following the IDTA syllabus often have the opportunity to participate in performances, competitions, and showcases, fostering a well-rounded dance education.

Global Recognition

The IDTA is recognized worldwide, and its syllabus is followed by dance schools and academies internationally.

Continuous Development

The IDTA regularly updates and refines its syllabi to incorporate new developments in dance techniques and pedagogy.

Dance schools that follow the IDTA syllabus provide students with a structured and progressive learning experience, ensuring a solid foundation in dance skills and knowledge.
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