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Our Values & Mission Statement

Values & Mission

At Elite Studios, we are dedicated to fostering a nurturing environment where young talents blossom into confident dancers. Guided by a team of passionate and skilled instructors, we aim to cultivate not just dance proficiency but also instil values of discipline, teamwork, and self-expression. We believe in starting them young, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of dance. Together, we form a little family of young dancers, where each individual is celebrated, and collective growth is our shared journey. Join us on this dance-filled path, where creativity meets technique, and every step is a celebration of potential.

our talented team

Laura Zahra

Co-Founder & Director

Laura’s background in finance, combined with her entrepreneurial and leadership skills, is a key asset in founding Elite Studios. As co-founder and director, Laura’s extensive experience uniquely positions her to lead the studio. She oversees day-to-day operations, shapes marketing strategies, and ensures seamless integration of financial and administrative aspects within the Dance School’s framework. Laura’s involvement goes beyond task management; she crafts a cohesive vision for Elite Studios. From coordinating schedules to leading marketing initiatives and managing financial details, her dedication ensures the studio’s harmonious and efficient functioning, maintaining its high standards and success.

Lauren Stanton

Co-Founder, Principal & Creative Director

In the realm of Elite Studios, Lauren takes on a multifaceted role as a co-founder, principal, and creative director. Her rich experience further extends to her role as the Principal & Director of Hazelle Stage School in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Lauren’s journey in theatrical dance began at the age of 3 under the guidance of her beloved grandmother, Hazel, and has evolved into her current leadership position. Lauren holds full qualifications as an IDTA dance teacher, uniquely positioning her as a driving force behind the success of our dance classes. Her comprehensive involvement in both Elite Studios and Hazelle Stage School reflects her commitment to the artistry and educational aspects of dance. As a dance instructor, Lauren’s talent shines through in her ability to inspire and guide students. Her journey with ‘Impact Dance Group’ (UK) and organising the Birmingham Stage Dance Festival (UK) showcases not just her skills but also her dedication to the dance community. In her capacity as a co-founder, Lauren contributes to shaping the vision and strategic direction of Elite Studios. Her role as a principal involves overseeing the educational aspects, ensuring that the studio maintains high standards of instruction and fosters a supportive learning environment. Taking on the role of a creative director, Lauren infuses innovation into our dance programs. Her global experiences in dance, bring a rich and diverse perspective to Elite Studios. This collective role reflects Lauren’s commitment to creating a dance institution that not only imparts technical proficiency but also nurtures a passion for dance and artistic expression.

Genesis Jimenez

Dance Instructor

Daniela Falzon

Dance Instructor


Dance Instructor


Dance Instructor

IDTA SYLLABUS & Accreditation

Dance schools that follow the IDTA syllabus provide students with a structured and progressive learning experience, ensuring a solid foundation in dance skills and knowledge.
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