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8th January, 2024 - First Day of Term

19th March, 2024 - Public Holiday

(Classes scheduled for Tuesdays will be held on the same day but at 9.00am & 10.00am respectively) 

23rd March, 2024 - Last Day of Term

Information & Applications

Term January - March, 2024

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Official Studio Timetable


Please click on the button below, fill in & submit the form according to your chosen subject/s.

Once application is submitted you may proceed with the payment method you have chosen. Only then we can process from our end.

When your child is registered on our system we will send an email of acceptance. Please allow a few days for processing.

This application process needs to take place every TERM.

Kindly be advised that spaces for our classes are booked on first come first served basis, we will not be able to accept anymore students once class is full.

Registrations can only be accepted ONLINE prior to term commencement date.


Should you require any assistance do not hesitate to contact us.

We have our own selection of uniforms which are compulsory for ALL classes. 

We do not supply these uniforms at our studio but we work with PIRODANCEWEAR in MOSTA.

Please contact Lorna, give her the name of the class/es which your child opted for so she can guide you accordingly.

Click on the button below to be re-directed to their facebook page.


Here are some frequently asked questions which may address any concerns you may have.

Do we need to buy uniforms before term?

Any new students are given the liberty to come to the first class without uniforms in order to make sure that they like the subject/s chosen. After the first week each student is expected to come to class with the designated attire. We believe in unity.

What if my child doesn't like the chosen subject?

Elite Studios give the right of refund or transfer. We allow this ONLY after the FIRST session. Please get in touch with our administration department during the first week to sort such matters.

Can I send my child to try a session before booking?

Unfortunately since our spaces are so limited we have decided to refrain from allowing any TRIAL classes to be done DURING TERM. Trial Days are organized before each TERM FREE of CHARGE. Please follow our socials for these dates. 

Term has started, can i send my child to one of your classes?

Before submitting your application please get in touch with our administration team to see if there is still space within that chosen dance class/es. If space is available then yes, you will be given a pro rata price upon submitting your online application. Online applications will be available till mid term. No new submissions will be allowed after our mid term holidays. 

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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