Rising Stars

Wednesdays 6.00pm-7.00pm
Ages 8+

Ballet & Contemporary: Elevate skills in ballet and contemporary for older students, focusing on precision in ballet and the expressive connection of body and dance in contemporary.


Embark on a journey of artistic refinement with our Ballet & Contemporary class, tailored for our older students as they ascend to new heights in their dance skills. This program delves into the intricate details of both ballet and contemporary styles. In contemporary, the focus is on heightening the connection between body and movement, allowing students to express themselves with greater fluidity and emotion. Concurrently, in ballet, the emphasis is on the meticulous progression of finite movements, refining technique to its highest form. Join us as we explore the nuanced beauty of these dance forms, guiding our students towards mastery and self-expression in every graceful step.

129.80 inc. Vat

Class Available

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