Jazz/Lyrical Juniors

Fridays 6.00pm-7.00pm
Ages 6+

Jazz & Lyrical: Junior-level class mastering kicks, turns, jumps, and leaps in these two beautiful dance disciplines.


Dive into the dynamic world of Jazz & Lyrical in our junior-level class, where kicks, turns, jumps, and leaps take center stage. In this dual-discipline program, students are not only taught the technical intricacies of these captivating dance forms but are also encouraged to aspire to greatness. The unique combination of jazz and lyrical allows our students to explore two opposing yet complementary styles, providing a rich and varied dance experience. With each class, they embark on a journey of continual improvement, using the synergy of these two subjects to elevate their skill level and express their artistic flair with confidence and grace.

129.80 inc. Vat

Class Available

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